Tahiti Pearls necklace 12-14 mm dark color

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A Tahiti Pearls necklace, pearls from Pinctada Margaretfera Oyster and Ocean waters.

- Origin of Pearls: French Polynesia (Tahiti)

- Size of Pearls 12-14 mm of diameter

- The number of Pearls in the necklace is 31 pieces

- Pearls of natural dark color and overtones

- The shape of pearls is round

- High natural luster and orient

- 45 cm long necklace hand-knotted

- Clasp manufactured in silver 925 mls

- Brand new item with box

- worldwide shipping insured and tracking

South Sea Pearls expert and trader since 1990. Pearls of Natural Color and luster direct from the farms in Australia, Indonesia, and Tahiti.

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