October 16, 2019

Do you know F.A.Q to buy South Sea Pearls from our Website?

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
Do you know F.A.Q to buy South Sea Pearls from our Website? | The South Sea Pearl

¿Are all your pearls of Natural Colors and Lustre or Orient?

Yes, we only sell South Sea Pearls of totally Natural Color and Orient as the pearls are when they are harvested from the Oyster.

¿Is my payment for a product completely safe?

Yes, our payment gate-away is Paypal and if you did not get the product or you have an issue you can open a claim and get your money back.

¿Do you send products Insured in case parcel get lost?

Yes all our parcels are insured.

¿How does the return policy works?

When you wish to return a product you have a maximum 14 days to do so and you need to send us an email or WhatsApp message to inform about it. Once you send the parcel and inform us of the tracking number and we get the product in original good conditions we will return the money by Paypal or to your bank account.  

¿Which shipping companies you work with and how long takes a parcel?

We work with the main shipping and Courier companies; TNT, FedEx, GLS, DHL so deliveries take 3 to 7 days depending on which part of the world buyer is from.

¿Can I track the parcel?

Yes, you can track the parcel and follow up from our web site, you can find a specific link at our main Menu to do so.

¿How long does it take to get an answer to questions?

You can write us messages to our email, WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, all links are at our web site and we respond very fast on the same day.

 ¿Does product come with any name or logo inside or at the jewelry box?

All products are delivered in a jewelry box but no logo or name on them.

¿Do you issue a Certificate or document saying products are authentic?

Yes, we issue a PDF digital document with the full product description and sign off by our company and expert person certifying the origin of the pearls plus quality description and authenticity and, you will get this document at your email address when parcel leaves from our offices. 




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