January 04, 2022

How much are Tahitian Pearls worth?

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
How much are Tahitian Pearls worth? | The South Sea Pearl

How much are Tahitian Pearls worth?

Tahitian Pearls are pearls from the Pinctada Margaritifera Oyster, also known as a black-lipped oyster. Tahitian Pearls are mainly produced in French Polynesia. Tahitian Pearls are characterized by their black color, although they can present a multitude of overtones such as green, brown, blue, and so on. They are the main export of French Polynesia and must fulfill strict quality requirements before being exported.

What determines the value of Tahitian Pearls?

The value of Tahitian Pearls can be established by its shape (the rounder the pearl the better), its luster and overtone, that the pearl's skin is clean and has no pitting, that it has a nice color, and, of course, the size, since the bigger the pearl the higher its value.

What is the value of Tahitian Pearls?

It depends on the pearl production of that year in French Polynesia, which is not always the same since there can be many complications. But estimation is:

Necklaces: $1200-12000$.

Earrings: 300$-3000$

Bracelets: 700$-5000$$.

Pendants: 400$-3000$

In recent months, the demand for Tahitian Pearls has grown in the United States thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been seen wearing Tahitian pearl necklaces on multiple occasions.

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