October 08, 2019

How to start a South Sea Pearl business as a Reseller?

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
How to start a South Sea Pearl business as a Reseller? | The South Sea Pearl

South Sea Pearls lovers can get into the business with us and our Dropshipping Agreement as a Supplier.  

Pearls is a lucrative business but always has been for expert and difficult to get one into it as a newcomer besides the complex knowledge and business connection you needed a big investment. 

However nowadays and thanks to our Dropshipping Agreements you can start without investing money, you only buy a necklace, earrings or a pearl once you sold it beforehand.  

You can sell to your personal contacts or at a marketplace or your facebook shop or personal web page. With our support, you will be an expert pearl trader and supplier. 

Our prices are very competitive and you will be offering good value for money to your customers and buyers and making profits with our recommended selling prices (rsp). 

How does it work?

We will send you a personal and non-transferable 15% discount Coupon you will apply it when selling our items and that is your profit.

Send us a message or email and will forward you information for you to know how it works and draft Agreement with simple and basics bullet points so you can start with our support.  



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