January 04, 2022

Pearls with natural colour and lustre

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
Pearls with natural colour and lustre | The South Sea Pearl


Pearls with natural color and luster

Fine quality pearls are at the height of their beauty the moment they are removed from the mother oyster. Such pearls require no luster or color enhancement prior to setting as jewelry.

As with all gemstones, fine quality pearls that require no enhancement are exceedingly rare and highly prized, and this is reflected in their value.

Pearls with enhanced color and luster

As with other gemstones, the processing of pearls is a common practice that makes attractive jewelry accessible to a wider market.

Processes such as light chemical treatments may improve the appearance of a lower quality pearl. The improved luster resulting from light processing may fade after a few years, but this does not damage the pearl's structure. Heavy chemical treatments may adversely affect the physical integrity of a pearl and can sometimes impart a coarse and chalky look and feel.

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