September 18, 2019

How to identify South Sea Pearls?

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
How to identify South Sea Pearls? | The South Sea Pearl

The Australian South Sea pearl is unrivaled in rarity, quality, nacre thickness, natural luster, size, and value.

It is the combination of these features that make Australian South Sea pearls so unique.

Australian South Sea pearls are known for their extraordinary beauty - difficult to define but immediately apparent. Today, Australia produces the majority of South Sea pearls with natural transparency and color overtone known as 'orient'. The terms ' luster' and 'orient' describe the appearance of light reflecting from deep within the perfect layers of pearl nacre. Consisting of thousands of layers, the quality and thickness of the nacre of fine quality Australian South Sea pearls give them a natural beauty that will last for generations.



Due to their rarity, natural pearls often command higher prices than cultured pearls, but the factors used to assess quality and value are the same for both.

Every pearl should be sorted and graded according to “The Five Virtues" – Lustre, Complexion, Shape, Color and Size. When selecting pearls however, it must also be remembered that a pearl's beauty - and ultimately its value - is in the eye of the


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