December 24, 2021

Why South Sea Pearls are Expensive?

By Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
Why South Sea Pearls are Expensive? | The South Sea Pearl

Why South Sea Pearls are Expensive?

South Sea pearls are expensive for several reasons. The first one is their scarcity. South Sea pearls constitute only 4% of the world’s pearl production.

While Hyriopsis Cumingi, the oyster that produces Freshwater Pearl, produces 20-30 pearls every 6 months, Pinctada Maxima, the oyster that produces South Sea Pearls, will only produce one or none. This means that pearls from the South Sea Pearls are much scarcer than other pearls.  

Another reason is that most pearls will not match strict quality criteria, because they present forms that are not round, have bad luster, and the surface of the pearl has many marks, and the color is pale. There are hundreds of reasons to discard a pearl and not to consider it suitable for Jewelry.

In addition, South Sea pearls need very clean & pristine ocean water for the pearl to be of good quality, with good luster and round shape.

The global trend of ocean pollution with plastics and sewage has a significant impact on pearls and their quality. Therefore, we consider pearls an organic and environmentally responsible gemstone, which needs clean oceans.

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