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holesale AAA South Sea Pearls. We offer Wholesale lots of loose South Sea Pearls from Australia, Philippines and Indonesia.
South Sea Pearls range in sizes from 8 to 18-19mm.
South Sea Pearls can grow in Round, Near - Round, Round - Shape.


e have more than 30 years of experience sourcing South Sea Pearls from Australia & Indonesia ocean waters.
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Experts in South Sea Pearls

Pearls, the organic gem

We offer both batches of loose south sea pearls and finished jewelry.

Wholesale lots of South Sea Pearls are separated according to size, shape, luster, and color.

Natural Colors

All our pearls are of natural color without any type of treatment.

We have offices in Jakarta & Spain, so our customers do not pay taxes in Europe.

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Natural Color

Not enhanced, not treated.

Wholesale Discounts

Best prices - Wholesale discounts.


More than 30 years in the business.

Do not forget to include the following in the mail:
* Type of pearls desired (Golden & White South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls)
* Size of pearls
* Shape
* Luster and skin
* Number of pearls desired

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