South Sea Pearls 9-10 mm White Color, High Luster, 18 Karats Gold

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A Natural Colors South Sea Pearls Necklace

Origin, the Pinctada Maxima Oyster, and Australian Ocean Waters 

- 40 pcs pearls in the necklace

- Size of Pearls from 9-10 mm

- Natural White Color 

- Natural High Luster

- The skin  and surface of Pearl is clean 

- Pearls of Semi-Round shape

- 45 cm long necklace hand-knotted

- Clasp manufactured in Yellow Gold 18 Karats, the weight is 1.10 grams.

- Quality of Gold has been check by professional Verification Lab

- Total Weight of 56 grams

- Worldwide shipping by GLS or FedEx with tracking number and insured.






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