Black Pearl Necklace - Tahiti Pearls Versatile Necklace, double and long rope

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Black Pearl Necklace - A Tahiti Pearls versatile necklace with Tear-Drop Pendant, you can wear it double tope or long rope.


Versatile Tahiti Pearl Necklace

Natural Color Pearls

Size of Pearls 10-8 mm

Tear-Drop shape Pearl 12.5 mm

Pearls from Pinctada Margaretifera Oyster

Origin: French Polynesia (Tahiti) ocean waters.

High Natural Luster and Orient.

Clasp Manufactured in Sterling Silver 935 mls

Long rope 90 cm

Double 45 cm

Total weight 90 grams



Tahiti Pearls  from Pinctada Margaretifera Oyster and French Polynesia ocean waters.  All-natural color pearls selected directly from the source culturing areas.

Claps are manufactured in 18 karat gold or silver 925 mls. Genuine black pearl necklace.

Necklaces are hand-knotted.  

PDF Certificate of Authenticity with each necklace. 

Worldwide shipping with FedEx, TNT, DHL. 

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