Tahitian Pearl Earrings 9 mm Round 18 Karat Gold with Certificate of Authenticity

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Tahitian Pearl Earrings

- Natural Color Tahitian Pearl Earrings

- Origin: Tahiti ocean waters

- Produced by Pinctada Margaretifera Oyster

- 18K Yellow Gold mounting

- Size of Pearls 9 mm in diameter

- Pearls of Round shape

- High natural luster and orient pearls

-  Natural color and grey overtones 

- 2 pieces

- Item with box

- Certificate of Authenticity Letter PDF

- Worldwide shipping with tracking number and insured



ahitian Pearl Earrings in 18 Karats Yellow Gold.
Beautiful Tahitian Pearls from Mangareva Atoll in French Polynesia. We have more than 30 years of experience matching Tahitian Pearls for Tahitian Pearl Earrings. Our lean structure, expertise and knowledge of Pearls allow us to offer low prices.